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CAFERO is coffee royalty app focused on creating a unique user experience
to ensure excitement and curiosity about the rewards system

Awards : Honorable Mention, New Talent 2022, Graphis

Project Deliverable
Mobile application
UX/UI Design
Interaction Design
Project Duration
Fall 2021
(2 weeks)
Tools Used
Adobe Illustrator



The whole customer experience is one of the most important factors which determines a company's image. However, through research on coffee apps,
I realized that most of the existing apps are focused only on ordering coffee, not on rewarding experiences.

How can I make the rewards experience
more fun and enjoyable?


CAFERO provides a unique experience for each rewards score.
This would make users enjoy new rewarding experiences with
excitement and curiosity about the experience of the next reward.

Key points:
✓ Provide a new experience to users when they receive rewards
✓ Make it easy to understand the status of the rewards
✓ Make it a user-friendly design
✓ Happy and playful UI


Design System


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