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Hidden Eye AR 

Hidden Eye is an AR app that provides users with creative and happy moments in unexpected places. We aim to give a new experience to users by finding creative artworks in AR mode while taking a walk and refresh their mood.

Project Deliverable
Mobile application
UX/UI Design
Interaction design
AR design

Spring 2022
(7 weeks)
Tools Used
/After effects
/ Illustrator


Initial Thoughts & Motives

Many experts recommend taking a walk as a way to give you a break from your busy daily life. I wondered if there is any way to make the whole experience of taking a walk fun and give them a  smile.


From interviews with people of various ages and research, I found out that people usually go to the park when they take a walk. All participants agreed that taking a walk in the park helps relieve stress in their daily lives.

One important point is that most of my interviewees agreed that they tried to make them feel better or change their mood by walking around the park, but sometimes it was difficult to change their mood and they wanted to experience something new to improve their mood.


  • There is a limit to experiencing something new in the park
  • Difficult to find a way to refresh our mood while taking a walk in the park
  • Going to the park is no longer exciting, just normal

How might we make the taking a walk experience more enjoyable and help to refresh people’s mood?

(At the same time, how might we bring a smile to them?)

My approach (Key points)

  • Recommend the nearest park for a walk
  • A new experience of finding artworks in AR mode
  • Social function to share your artwork
  • Able to see other users' artworks & view them in AR mode too
  • Continous drawing by collaborating with other users' artwork
  • Easily recognizable, happy, and playful UI / visually well-organized



Users can use Hidden Eye to have new unique experiences to ordinary walks. As you walk around the park while looking around the green nature, Hidden Eye appears and turns into a hidden AR artwork. People can also draw and share thier artwork and continue to draw on other users' artwork. The artworks by users will refresh users mood and also broaden their creative perspectives with unexpected experience

Targeted User

Primary User
People looking for new experiences in their daily lives
Walking enthusiasts with joy

Secondary User
People who want to have fun resting
People who want to refresh their mood

     Visual Design



      AR Moving Poster Design

AR Design Process

Created poster images with After Effects and added behaviors using Adobe Aero. Exported .real file and built it in IOS for testing

    Visual System


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