Hidden Eye is a VR app that provides users with creative moments in unexpected places. The parks that people visit for a short break are the main spaces and I wanted to bring joy and smiles to many people with creative drawings in unexpected places.

Custom Iconography

Communicating the idea visually and reinforcing the brand’s image with unique styling


Photos and Motion were added to help users understand easily and attract people's attention.

Main screen


AR mode 

When you open the AR mode, the popup box automatically disappears in a few seconds and Hidden Eye appears as a walking guide at the bottom right corner



When the user touches the ‘Take a walk with me’ button, the road to the hidden spot appears and leads the user. Also, a recorded voice will play to guide users and they can feel as if the app is talking to the user while walking.

When users get closer to hidden spot, the Hidden Eye appear with motions that appeal to the user.



VR App Design 2021 Hidden Eye
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