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Waterbottle design

IFORMED WATER BOTTLE is a conceptual water bottle that creates awareness and interest in the global water crisis

Gold Award, New Talent 2022, Graphis 


We can buy and drink water relatively easily. But if you turn your head and look wider, you will find 844 million people lack of basic drinking water access. This is more than 1 of every 10 people on the planet.

My Approach

I wanted to alert people about the water crisis with facts about water. The goal was to make people realize the importance of water by informing people about the world water crisis and to urge their attention to water shortage countries.


INFORMED water bottle is a conceptual water bottle that creates awareness of and interest in the global water crisis. By designing using only letters without any visual drawings or images, I wanted people to have time to read INFORMED water bottle and ponder over the global water crisis. Furthermore, I want people’s attention induced by this water bottle to lead to interest towards water-stressed countries.

Only used Didot, Futura and Gill sans font. Readable, stylish, and can found warmth and humanity for a better future.



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