VITAMOM is a conceptual vitamin brand that aims to convey communication and love between people in these days when quarantine is needed due to COVID-19.

Using the post-it, the art direction takes its inspiration, and it made it possible to feel the intangible warm feeling of the mother's care and love for their son and daughter. 

This will provide both health and affection at the same time.

Graphis Young Designers Sparking Conversation: New Talent Annual 2022 Featured Submissions

Honorable Mention, New Talent 2022, Graphis

Human interaction drastically decreased due to Covid-19.
I wanted to provide an indirect experience of human interaction to people with a daily-use item, a vitamin.

VITAMOM was designed with the concept of a post-it that contains mothers’ care and love for their sons and daughters.

A series of VITAMOM’s vitamins carry those care and love to our customers.

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