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Verte is an eco-friendly products shopping app that classifies products into categories based on how eco-friendly products help and affect the environment

Project Deliverable
Mobile application
UX/UI Design
Project Duration
Spring 2022
(4 weeks)
    Tools Used
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator



In average, one person in the U.S. produces about 4.5 pounds of waste each day, 267 million tons of trash per year (2020 study by the EPA)
Mindful of this, various eco-friendly products are being released but it's difficult to recognize which products are truly eco-friendly products
Difficult to realize why eco-friendly products are more ecologically good for the environment than other products

Competitive Analysis

I did competitive analysis of two similar service apps:
Grove App and GreenDay App
In short, neither app provides effective solutions to the problems.

User Interviews


Most of my interviewees agreed that they care about the environment but it was difficult to understand why and how each eco-friendly products are helpful to the environment, simply due to lack of information

How might we efficiently get information about how each eco-friendly product helps the environment?

How might we get informative experience using shopping app?


👉🏻 New and beneficial purchasing experiences

This app aims to explore new and beneficial purchasing experiences for users who had thought about environmental issues by allowing them to recognize why eco-friendly products are good for the environment.

👉🏻 Informative shopping experience

This informative eco-friendly product shopping app classifies products into categories based on how eco-friendly products help the environment and intuitively demonstrates why products are beneficial to the environment. It aims to provide a new way to understand eco-friendly products and help users realize why eco-friendly products are good for the environment in detail. It also helps users reduce long searches and decide which product they need easily.

👉🏻 Share the efforts around the world

Furthermore, this app provides efforts around the world to make better world beyond environment to enhance interest for planet and make easily recognize the importance of eco-friendly products to lead to purchase.

Key Points

Emotional Touch

Most people have
environmental concerns
Show good beneficial points

Lots of people are not aware of the
benefits of eco-friendly products
Easily understand

Provides users with intuitive understanding of why eco-friendly products help the environment

             VIsual Design

VIsual System

UI Icon design

Categorized eco-friendly products

Logo desgin / Style guide  

Competitive Brand logo


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